MST3K Torrents: Specimen Jackpot!

A cou­ple years ago I toyed with eDon­key and the Dig­i­tal Archive Project as a means to col­lect­ing MST3K episodes. Turns out eDon­key is wide­ly and right­ly regard­ed to be a ter­ri­ble piece of soft­ware, and the episodes weren’t well-seed­ed, so that went nowhere, and I opt­ed to rip a low-qual­i­ty Shout­Cast chan­nel for a cou­ple dozen episodes.

Today, remind­ed of DAP by this com­ment at Life­hack­er, and aid­ed by a search on, I was led to this page at The Pirate Bay, with links to tor­rents for every known avail­able episode, all high-qual­i­ty and all fair­ly well-seed­ed.


Talk to JOEL!My life in the past few days has been over­tak­en by MST3K. I dis­cov­ered that there’s a video ver­sion of Winam­p’s Shout­Cast, with some chan­nels stream­ing tv shows 24 hours a day. Two of these chan­nels stream MST3K, and though the streams are usu­al­ly maxed out on view­ers, for $4 my IP is on the VIP list of this stream, which means unin­ter­rupt­ed MST3K until March 31.

When a KTMA-era mini-marathon was sched­uled last week­end, I knew I had to “tape” it. I prob­a­bly could have guessed that these episodes are read­i­ly avail­able via var­i­ous p2p out­lets, but I also would have guessed (right­ly) that the files are kept extreme­ly large for the sake of qual­i­ty. Ide­al­ly I want­ed to save video from the stream in very low qual­i­ty; near­ly all of an MST3K episode is sil­hou­ettes and bad movies any­way, so this could hard­ly be con­sid­ered “com­pro­mise.”

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I still don’t get why Fire­fox is bet­ter and more pop­u­lar than Mozil­la ever was, but okay, I’ll play along. Espe­cial­ly giv­en these enhance­ments:

  • Cook­ie But­ton: one of the best fea­tures of Mozil­la that inex­plic­a­bly did­n’t make it to Fire­fox.
  • Flash­block: Only see Flash when you want to! This is a mir­a­cle.

Final­ly found a video play­er to be hap­py with: Media Play­er Clas­sic. It’s also bun­dled with Real Alter­na­tive, which allows you to play Real for­mat files with­out rely­ing on the night­mar­ish RealOne play­er. This week I also dis­cov­ered Net Trans­port, which does the best (i.e., quick­est, eas­i­est, and most free) job of sav­ing stream­ing video I’ve seen so far. And final­ly, MST3K is still kick­ing: there’s this gigan­tic ref­er­ence site, the still-exis­tent info club, and a legal­ly ambigu­ous Shout­Cast video stream. Shh­h­h­h­h­hh.