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Conan Xmas: 2000

Tom Hanks celebrates Christmas on Conan in 2000. This has been documented as the last funny thing Tom Hanks ever did.

Miraculously retrieved from the land of forgotten television moments, four months after my plea on a Conan forum, to replace the taped copy I lost years ago. Because I like to hoard things and save them forever (ahem), I’m always disappointed when the internet fails to be effective in dredging up even the most insignificant cultural minutiae from the past. I’m getting used to it, but in the meantime, this was a warmly reassuring moment in my life.

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Conan’s Audition Tape

I tried to upload this to YouTube, but with words like “letterman” and “conan” on it, it didn’t stand a chance. Which I don’t get — how does NBC plan to make any money off this clip in the future?

Well anyway, I downloaded this in like 2002 from some Conan video site. There’s this great moment when he’s interviewing this first guest, and he’s idly staring at his desk, fidgeting with his pencil, being agreeable, and you watch this realization come over him, that despite feeling out of place and unworthy of being behind even a fake desk, he’ll never make an impression unless he says what comes naturally to him.

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