That Old MTV “Vertebrae” Commercial

Of which I completely expected to find a copy on YouTube, but about which I could find only a single internet reference at all.

Do you remember that?, where the kid is walking past the lockers in high school, and he has those big can headphones on, and all the jocks or whatever are sneering at him, and he just smiles contentedly and turns up his music?

I think it may have been an MTV2 campaign specifically. Anyway. I remember that.

Holy crap I can’t sleep.

5 Responses to “That Old MTV “Vertebrae” Commercial”

  1. La fille des montagnes says:

    I do remember.
    And when it played on tv, I used to record it in a VHS.
    It’s not lost!

  2. Ellen says:

    this is the original – the lead is Noah Kim Voumard, now living in Switzerland, still doing some small work in film. You can find him on Facebook, cheers

  3. creatrix says:

    *thank you very much guys.


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