Conan’s Audition Tape

I tried to upload this to YouTube, but with words like “let­ter­man” and “conan” on it, it did­n’t stand a chance. Which I don’t get — how does NBC plan to make any mon­ey off this clip in the future?

Well any­way, I down­loaded this in like 2002 from some Conan video site. There’s this great moment when he’s inter­view­ing this first guest, and he’s idly star­ing at his desk, fid­get­ing with his pen­cil, being agree­able, and you watch this real­iza­tion come over him, that despite feel­ing out of place and unwor­thy of being behind even a fake desk, he’ll nev­er make an impres­sion unless he says what comes nat­u­ral­ly to him.