MST3K Torrents: Specimen Jackpot!

A cou­ple years ago I toyed with eDon­key and the Dig­i­tal Archive Project as a means to col­lect­ing MST3K episodes. Turns out eDon­key is wide­ly and right­ly regard­ed to be a ter­ri­ble piece of soft­ware, and the episodes weren’t well-seed­ed, so that went nowhere, and I opt­ed to rip a low-qual­i­ty Shout­Cast chan­nel for a cou­ple dozen episodes.

Today, remind­ed of DAP by this com­ment at Life­hack­er, and aid­ed by a search on, I was led to this page at The Pirate Bay, with links to tor­rents for every known avail­able episode, all high-qual­i­ty and all fair­ly well-seed­ed.