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Google’s Left Margin or: Hey, Twitter’s Good for Something

I noticed a short while ago that the left margin on Google’s search results pages seemed to have increased, and the logo’s size decreased. I asked a friend if he’d noticed, and he said that he hadn’t.

I searched Google for ‘google left margin,’ turning up no results. Of course, if it only happened this morning, nothing written about it would likely have been indexed by Google yet — unless they blogged about adding a dozen pixels to their margin, which seemed unlikely. But I had a hunch that if other people were noticing it, they must be talking about it, somewhere.

That somewhere, of course, is Twitter, where my suspicion was confirmed. The tagline for search.twitter.com (See what’s happening — right now.) is right — there’s really no better place to go to find out what people are saying about something that happened between five minutes and a couple hours ago.

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Google using inline CSS?

With only one font-family? And it’s Arial? The nerve!

<td class=bubble rowspan=2 style="font-family:arial;text-align:left;font-weight:bold;padding:5 0"><b>Celebrating 5 years of Gmail</b></td>

I don’t have Arial installed, so this shows up as my default serif, because they don’t even bother to include the generic ‘sans-serif’ font-family.

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Google favicons

Almost everyone must have noticed by now that Google has a new favicon for its search/news/maps/etc. pages. I personally hate it, I think aside from being drab, it actually doesn’t immediately evoke “Google.” That lower-case ‘g’ is not as recognizable as they seem to be hoping. It’s unfortunate for them that they’ve ended up with few and meager iconic brand signifiers. Their full ‘logo’ (if you can call it that) doesn’t scale well; maybe the most they have going for them is their color scheme, although it is strikingly similar to Windows’/Microsoft’s long-standing color scheme. It’s really got them handcuffed until they can gracefully re-brand with something more versatile. Good to know, then, that it’s only temporary.

I’ve also noticed this Google Reader favicon showing up momentarily as the site loads, though only in Opera. It resembles the large logo on the official Google Reader blog, and I can’t figure out what’s causing it — what is it that Opera is loading before the stylesheet tells it to look elsewhere?

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