Google’s Left Margin or: Hey, Twitter’s Good for Something

I noticed a short while ago that the left mar­gin on Google’s search results pages seemed to have increased, and the logo’s size decreased. I asked a friend if he’d noticed, and he said that he had­n’t.

I searched Google for ‘google left mar­gin,’ turn­ing up no results. Of course, if it only hap­pened this morn­ing, noth­ing writ­ten about it would like­ly have been indexed by Google yet — unless they blogged about adding a dozen pix­els to their mar­gin, which seemed unlike­ly. But I had a hunch that if oth­er peo­ple were notic­ing it, they must be talk­ing about it, some­where.

That some­where, of course, is Twit­ter, where my sus­pi­cion was con­firmed. The tagline for (See what’s hap­pen­ing — right now.) is right — there’s real­ly no bet­ter place to go to find out what peo­ple are say­ing about some­thing that hap­pened between five min­utes and a cou­ple hours ago.