Google’s Left Margin or: Hey, Twitter’s Good for Something

I noticed a short while ago that the left margin on Google’s search results pages seemed to have increased, and the logo’s size decreased. I asked a friend if he’d noticed, and he said that he hadn’t.

I searched Google for ‘google left margin,’ turning up no results. Of course, if it only happened this morning, nothing written about it would likely have been indexed by Google yet — unless they blogged about adding a dozen pixels to their margin, which seemed unlikely. But I had a hunch that if other people were noticing it, they must be talking about it, somewhere.

That somewhere, of course, is Twitter, where my suspicion was confirmed. The tagline for (See what’s happening — right now.) is right — there’s really no better place to go to find out what people are saying about something that happened between five minutes and a couple hours ago.

7 Responses to “Google’s Left Margin or: Hey, Twitter’s Good for Something”

  1. Jordan says:

    I was so used to its appearance that the new results page is hard to look at. It’s driving me nuts. It’s like seeing a guy you’ve know for years shave off his beard, or a girl get a completely different hair color. Look away!

  2. Stefan Monov says:

    Hahaha I thought I was the only one who noticed :)
    And yeah, first good use for twitter ever.

  3. James Beckett says:

    For Firefox, workaround by user stylesheet override:
    (edit per Google site URL, restart)

  4. Celton says:

    I noticed the new left margin immediately. I was a little worried at first I was on a scam or phishing site or something that wasn’t the real Google.

  5. Brendan says:

    Oh god, it’s driving me insane. At least I know I’m not the only person to notice. :)

  6. Gorp says:

    Actually, that was the unveiling of their new killer app, “Google Space”. It’s a rebranded version of a product made by Margn, the start-up they bought last year (it’s rumored Microsoft has a competitor in the works, codenamed “Zowie”). Good investment, guys!

  7. damir says:

    hahaha >googling it< became 20% easier!
    glad someone finally wrote about it.

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