Google favicons

Almost every­one must have noticed by now that Google has a new fav­i­con for its search/news/maps/etc. pages. I per­son­al­ly hate it, I think aside from being drab, it actu­al­ly does­n’t imme­di­ate­ly evoke “Google.” That low­er-case ‘g’ is not as rec­og­niz­able as they seem to be hop­ing. It’s unfor­tu­nate for them that they’ve end­ed up with few and mea­ger icon­ic brand sig­ni­fiers. Their full ‘logo’ (if you can call it that) does­n’t scale well; maybe the most they have going for them is their col­or scheme, although it is strik­ing­ly sim­i­lar to Windows’/Microsoft’s long-stand­ing col­or scheme. It’s real­ly got them hand­cuffed until they can grace­ful­ly re-brand with some­thing more ver­sa­tile. Good to know, then, that it’s only tem­po­rary.

I’ve also noticed this Google Read­er fav­i­con show­ing up momen­tar­i­ly as the site loads, though only in Opera. It resem­bles the large logo on the offi­cial Google Read­er blog, and I can’t fig­ure out what’s caus­ing it — what is it that Opera is load­ing before the stylesheet tells it to look else­where?