Some day, Songbird will:

  • have a prop­er Cov­er­Flow clone that does­n’t lag or rely on Java (like AlbumAp­plet), and that allows for cus­tom loca­tions of art on the dri­ve.
  • mon­i­tor fold­ers for new music.
  • have an inte­grat­ed Bit­Tor­rent client that puts music from track­ers direct­ly into your library.
  • jump to the loca­tion in a page where the cur­rent­ly play­ing mp3 was found.
  • prop­er­ly rec­og­nize all XML pod­casts (a known issue).
  • allow you to browse by when albums were added, when they were played (not just last played, but over their entire his­to­ry), and by hot­ness.
  • sub­mit to

And on that day…