Template Feed/Archive URL Structures for Various Blogging Platforms (Updating)

Being still very inter­est­ed in web feeds, both prac­ti­cal­ly and philo­soph­i­cal­ly, I sub­scribe to them often. Occa­sion­al­ly I’ll find a site that seems as though it should have a feed, but con­tains no link to one with­in a meta dec­la­ra­tion or with­in the body of the site. Still, most con­tent gen­er­a­tors gen­er­ate feeds, regard­less of whether their users make the feed URLs pub­lic. In cas­es like this, it’s fun to poke around and see if I can’t guess the cor­rect URL.

The same goes for archives; cer­tain Blog­ger users, for exam­ple, appar­ent­ly turn archive links off, so all that’s eas­i­ly vis­i­ble are the last ten posts or so on the front page. But, of course, as is espe­cial­ly the case with some­thing as pre­fab as Blog­ger, the archives are acces­si­ble through a very pre­dictable URL schema.

And what about com­ment feeds? These are even more scarce­ly linked to, but in many cas­es do exist.

Here are the ones I know so far. I plan to update this post as I dis­cov­er more. This is as much for my ref­er­ence as it is for yours. So, book­mark it, and, y’know, sub­scribe to the com­ments. If you know of any oth­er schema­ta, please com­ment. And if you’d like to cre­ate your own feeds from any site, give Feed43 a shot. It’s a bit tough to learn, but I’ve suc­cess­ful­ly made sev­er­al use­ful feeds with it.


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