Alphabetization: Part III

In what I think may be the first tru­ly nov­el brows­ing envi­ron­ment devel­oped for Song­bird, ♪Pho­to dis­plays your library as a pile of artist pho­tos pulled from They can be dragged around and rearranged, and their ori­en­ta­tion is remem­bered between Song­bird ses­sions. In my test­ing it is unus­ably slow, how­ev­er it is remark­ably excit­ing to see inno­va­tion like this before Song­bird is even out of beta. It would be an easy mat­ter to imple­ment a “snap” fea­ture that would clus­ter sim­i­lar artists togeth­er based on data, or to pro­vide an alter­nate view by album cov­er rather than artist pho­to — hon­est­ly, who can rec­og­nize some of these artist pho­tos?

Any­way, as it’s only a cou­ple weeks old I’m sure it will improve, and it demon­strates just what amaz­ing things can be done with the Song­bird plat­form. Hope­ful­ly we’ll see more dar­ing and clever exten­sions like this when Song­bird hits 1.0 next month. I’m con­sid­er­ing mak­ing it my full-time play­er in order to col­lect more sta­tis­tics (play dates, play counts, added dates, etc.).