WordPress 2.7: Automatic Upgrade in Core!

Accord­ing to Word­Press devel­op­er Ryan Boren, the most request­ed Word­Press fea­ture is ten­ta­tive­ly slat­ed for the as-yet unsched­uled 2.7 release.

This already exists in the form of a third-par­ty plu­g­in, which I’ve actu­al­ly used suc­cess­ful­ly before on anoth­er blog. I’ve always found upgrad­ing man­u­al­ly to be easy and prob­lem-free, though incred­i­bly tedious. Because I don’t use many plu­g­ins or alter any core Word­Press files, I think automat­ing the process will be a safe option for me, one that I’ll trust more in the hands of the core devel­op­ment team. Still, I’m sure I’ll wait till it’s been thor­ough­ly test­ed in a cou­ple ver­sions before using it on this site.