Firefox “Phrase Not Found” Noise

Praise Jesus.

One of the hand­i­est fea­tures in Fire­fox, and one that I use fre­quent­ly and absent-mind­ed­ly, is the “find as you type” short­cut. Press for­ward slash, and Fire­fox will jump to the next text that match­es what you type; press sin­gle-quote, and Fire­fox will jump to the next link text that match­es what you type. So fast and invalu­able.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, if the string you type turns up no results, Fire­fox alerts you with what sounds like “a hoarse dog bark­ing.” Not just once, but for every sub­se­quent char­ac­ter that con­firms your search fail­ure: a curse for fast typ­ists.

This annoy­ance was not even solved by Flash­Mute [via], a tiny and amaz­ing pro­gram that mutes all sounds orig­i­nat­ing from your brows­er, or just those from embed­ded flash objects.

After not try­ing very hard to find a solu­tion via Google, I thought “what the hell” and went to about:config. Searched for “sound,” and voilà. “accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound”. Dou­ble-click once, restart Fire­fox, and no longer will you be plagued by the hoarse dog.