Fancey in “The Office”

Yes­ter­day I learned that (Todd) Fancey of Fancey (and of The New Pornog­ra­phers) did a song for an episode of “The Office.” Here’s a quick video:

I can’t tell if that’s him on the album cov­er but man I hope it is. From Fancey’s MySpace blog:

If you have a chance to check out the hilar­i­ous and Emmy nom­i­nat­ed “Din­ner Par­ty” episode of NBC’s “The Office” (Aired a cou­ple days ago April 10, 2008), you will hear a song called “That One Night”. The lyrics are by the bril­liant writ­ers Gene Stupin­sky and Lee Eisen­berg. I did the music and made the record­ing. I was thrilled to be asked because I tru­ly love that show, it’s the BEST. Spe­cial thanks to Ali­cen Schnei­der and Dave Mad­den of NBC.