Observations on Apple’s “The whole working-from-home thing” video

I love these videos, where Apple show­cas­es its fan­tasies for what a ful­ly Apple-ified life looks like. (I’m remind­ed of this Mar­tin Scorcese/Siri com­mer­cial from 2012.) I’m also fas­ci­nat­ed by pro­duc­tion design and the small east­er eggs hid­den in stuff like this. And I like watch­ing people…be pro­duc­tive? It’s weird I know.

I imag­ine the pur­pose is to pull all of Apple’s devices and fea­tures out of the abstract and into some­thing resem­bling a real-life con­text, so that you can more eas­i­ly say, “Oh that would make things easier/better/faster/cooler for me.”

So here’s some stuff I noticed:

  • Brid­get (yes, I learned their names while watch­ing this) is keep­ing an Apple Pen­cil behind her ear. The Apple Pen­cil is 8.9mm and 20.7 grams — is that real­ly fea­si­ble? (Tru­ly ask­ing, as I don’t have one, but often keep a pen­cil-pen­cil behind my ear.)
  • In one scene, one of Dav­e’s kids says, “Hey Siri, can you read us a bed­time sto­ry?”, and a sec­ond says, “With no mon­sters?” I’m real­ly curi­ous to know how Siri pars­es that, and what app will be pro­vid­ing the sto­ry? And I assume the “With no mon­sters” bit is just meant to be cute, or does an app exist that would rec­og­nize that?
  • Although every­body does have Air­Pods, I’m glad to see not every­body has Air­Pods Pro.
  • Nobody seems to have cus­tomized their macOS Dock at all; I guess that would look messy or some­thing? They cer­tain­ly don’t shy away from fea­tur­ing third-par­ty apps in the video, but I guess giv­ing them prime real-estate in the Dock would be too far?
  • They are hold­ing com­pa­ny video con­fer­ences on Face­Time. Some­how I doubt any com­pa­ny out­side of Apple does that (even though tech­no­log­i­cal­ly Face­Time is great and more peo­ple should con­sid­er using it.)
  • Brid­get has Vivian’s name in Con­tacts as “Vivi­enne (Boss)”. Dave has it as “Vivi­enne Hall 💀”
  • Brid­get lis­tens to Dither­ing.
  • Brid­get has a fold­er called “Round Box” on her desk­top (And “AFFIRMATIONS”).
  • I noticed a cou­ple third-par­ty apps:
    1. Some med­i­ta­tion app with an Eng­lish accent? Head­space maybe?
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Some kind of recipes app maybe?
    4. Adobe InDe­sign
    5. Sleep Cycle
    6. MindNode
    7. A Nike AR shop­ping expe­ri­ence? Not sure if this is an app or a web­site.
    8. Cis­co WebEx
  • Mail.app is actu­al­ly fea­tured in it quite a bit, just show­ing mes­sages com­ing in, as though Mail is some­thing Apple has spent any time inno­vat­ing on at all. It works, but it’s not exact­ly a prod­uct you “show off.”
  • At one point, Sam (the design­er?) emails Brid­get a file called “InDesign_Installer.dmg.” Is this a thing? I thought Adobe prod­ucts all installed from the Cre­ative Cloud app.
  • There’s a gag about the dif­fi­cul­ty of video con­fer­enc­ing, which rings true and isn’t spe­cif­ic to Apple, but it seems like a strange thing to draw atten­tion to.
  • When they’re demon­strat­ing Face­Time pic­ture-in-pic­ture, “get­ting work done while you’re cook­ing din­ner with your part­ner, after the sun has clear­ly set” might not be some­thing most peo­ple aspire to.
  • It’s about a team of four peo­ple fran­ti­cal­ly work­ing on a new pack­ag­ing prod­uct whose time­line and bud­get are repeat­ed­ly being tight­ened — and not once does any­one’s Apple Watch tell them to Breathe.

And in case you’re curi­ous about all the prod­ucts every­body has to own to make this pos­si­ble (you’re not), here they are:


  • Air­Pods
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac­Book
  • iPad Pro (w/ Mag­ic Key­board)
  • iPhone


  • iPad Pro (w/ Mag­ic Key­board)
  • Air­Pods Pro
  • Mac­Book Pro
  • iPhone (11?)
  • Home­Pod


  • Air­Pods Pro
  • iMac
  • iPad Pro (w/ Mag­ic Key­board)
  • iPhone


  • Air­Pods
  • iPhone (11?)
  • iPad Pro (w/ Mag­ic Key­board)


  • iPhone (XS?)
  • Air­Pods (Pro?)

Mike from Finance

  • Air­Pods