Apple Arcade: Games That Won’t Piss You Off

This hol­i­day I’ve been trav­el­ing to spend the week vis­it­ing some of my fam­i­ly, includ­ing four of my nieces and nephews. My youngest niece is 10 and I thought she’d like sit­ting on the couch solv­ing some kind of puzzle‑y iPad game with me. I went to Apple Arcade and down­loaded Tint, which I’d nev­er played before.

The expe­ri­ence of play­ing Tint real­ly made appar­ent the dif­fer­ence in play­ing an Apple Arcade game ver­sus vir­tu­al­ly any oth­er game on the App Store. Play­ing it was almost uncan­ny — the genre it rep­re­sents as a geom­e­try-based puz­zle game is the kind of thing that absolute­ly floods the App Store and shows you unskip­pable 30-sec­ond ads for tow­er defense games between lev­els. Even games with­in this genre that do cost a buck or two up front will like­ly have some forms of in-app pur­chas­es, for rubies, gems, in-game hints, extra lev­els, etc. I kept expect­ing the game­play to be inter­rupt­ed by some­thing ugly, loud, or obnox­ious, but it nev­er hap­pened.

There are plen­ty of poor Apple Arcade games, but they’re poor in ways that oth­er games in the App Store aren’t — in a short­com­ing of game­play design, art­work, or exe­cu­tion, rather than in a dis­re­spect for the val­ue of cus­tomers’ time and mon­ey. These games feel as though they were made by peo­ple, not by cheap puz­zle-gen­er­at­ing algo­rithms, copy­cats, or fly-by-night App Store flood­ing.