Random Really Drunk Guy

From Giz­mo­do:

The per­son who even­tu­al­ly end­ed up with the lost iPhone was sit­ting next to Pow­ell. He was drink­ing with a friend too. He noticed Pow­ell on the stool next to him but did­n’t think twice about him at the time. Not until Pow­ell had already left the bar, and a ran­dom real­ly drunk guy—who’d been sit­ting on the oth­er side of Powell—returned from the bath­room to his own stool.

The Ran­dom Real­ly Drunk Guy point­ed at the iPhone sit­ting on the stool, the pre­cious pro­to­type left by the young Apple engi­neer.

Hey man, is that your iPhone?” asked Ran­dom Real­ly Drunk Guy.

Hmmm, what?” replied the per­son who end­ed up with the iPhone. “No, no, it isn’t mine.”

Ooooh, I guess it’s your friend’s then,” refer­ring to a friend who at the time was in the bath­room. “Here, take it,” said the Ran­dom Real­ly Drunk Guy, hand­ing it to him. “You don’t want to lose it.” After that, the Ran­dom Real­ly Drunk Guy also left the bar.

I have a pret­ty strong sus­pi­cion that this “Real­ly Ran­dom Drunk Guy” is a fab­ri­ca­tion of the guy who found the iPhone — “I did­n’t pick it up; it was hand­ed to me.”