Video: That MTV “Vertebrae” Commercial

Hey, I did­n’t say it was good.

I guess what I find so fas­ci­nat­ing about it is: When did MTV ever con­done being unpop­u­lar? Between the Spring Break pro­gram­ming and drunk girls cry­ing on The Real World, it was an odd change of pace, but one that remind­ed me of the atti­tude MTV used to have, in the ’80s, before they became shame­less cul­ture-mon­gers. Still, it’s impor­tant not to ignore that this guy actu­al­ly is attrac­tive, and dressed fash­ion­ably, and — at least at my school — prob­a­bly would have been pop­u­lar. I guess it would have turned too many view­ers off to have pre­sent­ed him as acne-rid­den, over­weight, with­out any sense of style, and lis­ten­ing to black met­al?

Some­thing I for­got to men­tion last time is that this was part of a series of com­mer­cials, if I remem­ber cor­rect­ly, that played on the “V” in “MTV,” although I for­get the titles of the oth­er install­ments.

Thanks to La fille des mon­tagnes (“The girl moun­tain”?) for send­ing me the video.