Video: That MTV “Vertebrae” Commercial

Hey, I didn’t say it was good.

I guess what I find so fascinating about it is: When did MTV ever condone being unpopular? Between the Spring Break programming and drunk girls crying on The Real World, it was an odd change of pace, but one that reminded me of the attitude MTV used to have, in the ’80s, before they became shameless culture-mongers. Still, it’s important not to ignore that this guy actually is attractive, and dressed fashionably, and — at least at my school — probably would have been popular. I guess it would have turned too many viewers off to have presented him as acne-ridden, overweight, without any sense of style, and listening to black metal?

Something I forgot to mention last time is that this was part of a series of commercials, if I remember correctly, that played on the “V” in “MTV,” although I forget the titles of the other installments.

Thanks to La fille des montagnes (“The girl mountain”?) for sending me the video.

6 Responses to “Video: That MTV “Vertebrae” Commercial”

  1. Jorge Garza says:

    Could you send me a copy of this video, its on youtube but with a different song.


  2. Jay says:

    Yeah!, I noticed that too. You can download my copy here.

  3. Jorge Garza says:


  4. Ellen says:

    but it’s so much better with the original music – and if you click on the Vertebrae they run through all three spots. This is the website of the director, Barbara McDonough. You’ll see the image of Noah on line 2. That spot won several awards for best in advertizing that year 1999.

  5. p says:

    just would like to point out the fact that he’s gay: that’s why he’s different. you can tell from the painted nails.

  6. Safiyyah, Stewart says:

    I just want to point out that I don’t really think any one cares wether he’s gay, old (etc.) . It was only a message that was meant to get out not the music. Well thats what I got out of this anyway it was a good video and I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks that. :)

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