Matador Midline Classics

Cheap­er music means more mon­ey for drugs.” I can’t believe I found it!

Years ago, I used to see this ad all over Pitch­fork. I thought it was fun­ny that a label would so open­ly and so mechan­i­cal­ly con­done drug use; the image was mem­o­rable; and it real­ly did make me want to go record shop­ping — the bands they name are such stal­warts and hear­ken back to the gold­en years of Mata­dor in the ’90s, even though most are still mak­ing music today, remind­ing me of a time when peo­ple did pri­mar­i­ly buy music, not down­load it. It was effec­tive enough any­way that I had to go hunt­ing to find it. I thought I had thor­ough­ly scoured the Inter­net Archive Way­back Machine, but I had appar­ent­ly missed this page, along with sev­en oth­ers that con­tained the ad, from May to June of 2004. I’m sure it was in truth thrown togeth­er in a rush and they weren’t espe­cial­ly proud of it at Mata­dor.

I just need to start sav­ing every­thing I am mild­ly amused by in pass­ing.