Vista Calculator

Vista calculator

Believe it or not: still without a square root button in scientific mode.

I’ve also been told that the native Windows color palette still doesn’t save custom colors.

More Microsoft Calculator trivia, care of Wikipedia:

The version of Calculator shipped with Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1 suffered from a bug causing it to display completely wrong results for certain classes of calculations. The most typical example was the 1-1.1 operation, which would lead to a long number sequence approximating the expected result, -0.1, such as -0.095645564564564…. One of the most joked about calculation is 3.11-3.1, results in 0.00. This leads to the joke “Q: What is the difference between 3.11 and 3.1? A: Nothing!” (In this case, “3.11” and “3.1” imply the version numbers of Windows.)

Oh, numbered Windows versions. Reminds me of those old PC Magazine issues I had with exclusive first looks at “Windows 4.0.”

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