Weekly Album Chart Feeds

For a long time, has linked to a pur­port­ed week­ly album chart feed on their web ser­vices page. Because I find this much more inter­est­ing than the week­ly artist and track charts, I was hap­py to find today that these feeds have final­ly become active. Just replace “top­down­jim­my” with your user­name in this url:

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this won’t reflect your lis­ten­ing accu­rate­ly if you’re in the habit of lis­ten­ing to leaked albums. For what are cer­tain­ly legal issues, plays dumb that these albums even exist, fail­ing to report them in charts even though the track and artist counts are updat­ed accord­ing­ly.

My next step is to use the url embed­ded in the feed to scrape the Ama­zon­ian cov­er art from each album’s page. This would be cool to do even for the recent track feed, come to think of it.