Slightly Streamlined mp3 Tagging Flowchart

I used to require four programs for getting all my tags exactly how I want them: The GodFather (with AllMusicGuide patch), the MusicBrainz Tagger, Mp3tag, and foobar2000. The GodFather was always the first and worst part of my tagging procedures, being slow, refusing to write APE tags, and relying on the Internet Explorer engine.

Now I’ve eliminated both The GodFather and MusicBrainz from the whole grueling process, boiling it down to just Mp3tag and foobar2000, thanks to an AMG-scraping script and a MusicBrainz-scraping script for Mp3tag. The only drawback is that the AMG script doesn’t retrieve album descriptions (which I truthfully won’t miss a bit), and that the scripts use different tag field names (MOOD instead of TONES) to store some of the more frivolous metadata.

However there is some promise in the relative simplicity of Mp3tag’s scripting language, which, with enough knowledge of regular expressions, seems to be capable of parsing anything out of an http request.

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