The Unicorns Diffuse

The Ghost of Creaky CraterUPDATE, APRIL 12: Added mp3

Late, late, late last night I learned that Alden Ginger recently released his own 7″ under the moniker Alden Penner. The A-side is brand new, recorded on some leg of The Unicorns’ epic 2004 tour, and the B-side is old favorite “We are fighting the demons of Côte St-Paul” (mp3, 3.34MB), originally released by Alden via New Music Canada, presented here as “L’Espair.” Read this hilarious review on, then order the single from the link at the bottom of the page; it’s $15 US (including shipping), comes with a box of crayons, and is limited to 100 pressings.

If for some reason you care what Nick and J’aime are up to, read this article. mp3s of “Th’ Corn Gangg”-curated shows become more readily available on SoulSeek every minute.

Be sure to visit The Secret Unic-c-corns Forum while you’re at it, the not-so-underground replacement for the official site, which has met the fate ordained for all things Unicorn: a sudden and mysterious death.

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  1. Matt says:


    Good work, my man!

  2. David says:

    great site. Are you in Cleveland? I posted something on the CMJ thing. am about to post some other news…sounds not so good though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    his real name is alden penner.
    his stage name was aldne ginger.

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