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Boing Boing Sucks

I’m starting to really resent Boing Boing for taking up so much space in my aggregator. I kept it there begrudgingly, for the dwindling handful of interesting posts that I’d probably hear about elsewhere anyway. But for every interesting post, there are ten totally boring posts about DRM, ten totally boring posts about Disney, ten totally boring posts about a useless toy, and ten totally boring posts about how to turn your lawnmower into, I don’t know, a GPS lawnmower or something. Not to mention their smug self-absorption, and their inability to separate entertainment from politics. As an example of the latter, this recent post describes an anti-Bush Robin Williams movie as “look[ing] like a hell of a movie.” In fact, the movie looks shitty, but because it lambasts politics, it is heralded by Boing Boing.

And now I’m reminded of the time during the World Cup that they said this:

I don’t even know what the FIFA World Cup is. I’m guessing it’s soccer, which I hate just as much as any other pro sport. Every editor at Boing Boing detests professional sports, and we would sooner stream a video of a crumpled up paper napkin in the corner of a room than show some jackasses running after a ball. The only time we would ever post anything about pro-sports would be to make fun of them.

Are you so self-righteous that you think we care about how much you hate sports, while at the same time you worship all things Disney fer chrissake?

And why do you force your readers to use Google to search your site, yielding unorganized heaps of results? And why do you force your readers to blog about you in Technorati-registered blogs in order to “comment” on your posts?

I’ve had enough, I’ll just have to get by without that weekly interesting post about a glowing fish or something.

I should have known I’m not alone.

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