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Menomena, Experimental Dental School, etc.

There’s this band, Menomena. They’re alright, but their website is especially brilliant. There’s this other band, Experimental Dental School, and they’re really good, not least of all because they offer their entire album for download at their website, as well as interactively bleeding robot insects.

Two albums I’m very happy with having purchased recently: Frog Eyes’ The Bloody Hand and The Unicorns’ Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?.

I just found out that Circulatory System released a new song, buried in a Wishing Tree Records compilation, and supposedly will unveil a second album at some point. I’d wait forever, I’m just shocked that there’s going to be another one at all. And if you’re into Elephant 6, you’re into Jeff Mangum, and if you’re into Jeff Mangum, you might be into viewing/hearing his setlists as a guest DJ on WFMU under the name Jefferson. You’ll also enjoy his drug-encumbered interview at some British radio station.

The raging popularity of Dan Acton’s squarelakecomics.com has finally led to its exploitation by the porn industry, relegating the preservation of the comic strip’s glory, once again, to me: Square Lake.

Manila envelopes from India are lined with printed cloth.

Snow last night. Wind always.

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