I’ve found this article long after the fact, but it’s still one of the leading results for doing a search on trying to organize music intuitively. I couldn’t find any contact info, but I was wondering if there have been any updates since this article was written? While I think my music tastes are completely different, I face a similar problem. I just want to be able to select music by mood / imagery it invokes and hit random play, not have to think much about it. To compound problems I’m a big fan of game soundtracks, many of which never had any sort of official release, so there is no album to reference, the burden for organizing is entirely on me. I’m willing to put time into organizing it, but I’m still trying to come up with a system that I think would work for me. The ideal solution would be for me to have a music “map” where I could just select “regions” to play from, but I don’t know of any system like that. Any feedback would be appreciated.