The Square Lake Vault

Square Lake gravestoneWell, it final­ly hap­pened. There were hints that The Dai­ly Illini’s staff weren’t com­pe­tent enough to main­tain archives of Dan Acton’s bril­liant com­ic strip Square Lake for­ev­er. First Dan’s own site,, for­feit­ed to the whims of the Ger­man inter­net porn indus­try. And now the day has come when the images are slow­ly being stripped away from’s servers.

Fear not. By some stroke of divine for­tune, I was inclined no more than two months ago to mir­ror the whole series on my own hard dri­ve. Rest assured: as long as I am alive, Square Lake will nev­er die. The soon-to-be-even-more-revamped Square Lake Vault is up and run­ning. And just think: we came this close to los­ing them for­ev­er.