Alphabetization Is Positively Fucking Shite for (large) Music Libraries

I’ve been run­ning Ubun­tu for sev­er­al weeks now, prob­a­bly over a month, almost exclu­sive­ly. There are a cou­ple things I miss about Win­dows; I keep it installed as a dual-boot option in case it takes me more than half an hour to fig­ure out how to do some­thing in Ubun­tu that I can do in Win­dows in under two min­utes.

One of the things I miss the most, of course, is foo­bar. I’ve been using Song­bird, whose Lin­ux ver­sion runs just as well as the Win­dows ver­sion I’ve got­ten used to. But I did­n’t tru­ly real­ize how lost I was with­out my library fil­ters in foo­bar; I think if in Win­dows I had want­ed to play some­thing in Song­bird, but did­n’t know what to lis­ten to, I would have used my foo­bar set­up to fig­ure it out, then searched for the album in Song­bird. I did this absent­mind­ed­ly enough that, now that I’m with­out foo­bar, I’m alarmed at how dif­fi­cult it is to nav­i­gate my library. I’m sit­ting here with Song­bird open, and I’ve got 1,369 artists. What the hell am I sup­posed to do with that?

In foo­bar I had mood tags and clus­ters based on All­Mu­sic data, so if I want­ed some­thing upbeat, I’d just look under the appro­pri­ate moods. If that did­n’t work, I’d at least find an artist who came close, and then could use foo_scrobblecharts to find any­body in my library who was up to two degrees of sep­a­ra­tion away from any select­ed artist on

In Song­bird, the best I can do is browse by genre (eye­roll), or use the Music Rec­om­men­da­tions add-on, which only lists the top five match­es for the cur­rent­ly play­ing artist on, whether or not those five are in my library; if one of them hap­pens to be, it con­ve­nient­ly links me to their tracks in my library, but it’s not that fre­quent an occur­rence.

Any­way. The short of it is, for the eight­i­eth time: some­thing has to be done. How on God’s green earth does any­body fig­ure out what to lis­ten to? Oh that’s right, every­body just lis­tens to Cold­play and U2 and Radio­head and Suf­jan and The Hold Steady and The Shins and Miles Davis. If I only had sev­en artists I sup­pose I would­n’t be mak­ing much of a fuss either.