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Kid is an

Just got a private message on from intuitionorphan, subject “I hope this makes sense to you,” body “I have an earnest desire to change the world,” with a MediaFire link to a file named “Kid is an” I’m certain the file contains something bad, but I’m curious about which or what kind of bad thing it is. None of those phrases turns up any relevant results on Google.

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[req] Perfect Recall

I have a big problem with keeping track of the media I consume. With all the albums I download and listen to, and all the shit I read online, I’m oppressed by this feeling that it’s all just running through me without being digested or processed. It’s over-stimulation, I end up with all this shit in my head that I don’t know what to do with. I could of course just limit my intake, but I’m addicted to media and I don’t feel like changing any time soon. Plus there’s got to be a way I can apply all this stuff.

I suppose traditionally that’s what the blog format is meant for, to just kind of shit out everything you consume in the form of links and video embeds. But really that’s more like just “taking notes” at a lecture with a cassette recorder, see what I mean? That’s just transcription. I need something to do with it all. This problem is addressed to some extent by my meticulous music library curation with foobar, and my desperate calls recently for somebody to improve on the way we manage our music.

I think a prevailing problem is that of linearity; I can write a post on here, then another post, then another, and they appear chronologically in a line. Tagging and categorizing helps to make the content on here a little less linear, but it’s still not satisfying enough. I mean what I want is to be able to have some very loose, scrapbook-y interface where I can just kind of swim through collages of things: albums, journal entries. Snapshots of various aspects of certain time-periods. Paper is free-form enough to serve a purpose like this, but notebooks aren’t searchable or easily rearrangeable, and aren’t as ubiquitous as the web.

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Everybody’s leaving, it seems. I might be too. I don’t want to, honestly. But there is a Big Important Job down in New York City that might save my life if I let it. Last week I spent five days agonizing over which variant of Trade Gothic to use on my résumé; then I had a dream Thursday night about a fucked-up two-column format that I was so sickeningly proud of that I actually applied with it.

I was watching a speech recently in which the author of Stumbling Upon Happiness was describing the phenomenon of preferring the outcome of an irreversible choice after the decision more than before it — describing this phenomenon as being intuitive. Am I alone or don’t a lot of people work precisely the opposite way? When I choose something irreversibly, it becomes worse in my eyes than its alternatives. Maybe just a symptom of chronic pessimism, or as I prefer to call it, hard-boiled realism.

Anyway, every minute that passes since I sent in that résumé is more excruciating and remorseful than the last. Sad to say if I get the job, it’ll be the first one that “counts,” the first one where I’m doing something at least peripherally related to something I actually like for the sake of liking it, like-liking it.

So I guess this is another diary-like post. I wish it were like 1999 and none of my friends were too proud to have a LiveJournal. There are some strangers’ blogs I read who have little close-knit LJ communities like that, where they just talk about shit and post pictures and then comment on each other’s posts with inside jokes and stuff. That sounds cool. In the meantime I feel bad for people who found this place Googling for Firefox tips or something then subscribed to it thinking it’s a tech blog. Sorry, this isn’t a tech blog. I don’t know what it is.

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Suburban Illinois

I’m as confused as a baby in a topless bar!”

Kinky is using a feather Perverted is using the whole chicken”

Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians!”

All I need is some peace and quiet If I got a piece I’d be quiet!”

DADDY FARTED And We Can’t Get Out!”

Lord Help Me to Be The Person That My Pimp Tells Me to Be”

Do you want to be a Ho? Contact driver for details…”


Discourage Inbreeding BAN COUNTRY MUSIC


Can I test drive your vulva?”

Who’s Your Daddy?”


If you don’t believe in oral sex keep your mouth shut”

Help! I farted and can’t roll down my windows!”

I’M NOT IMMATURE you stinky butt poo poo head”

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