This quote is right on the money. Every time Ubuntu makes a subjective or controversial change, they do it last minute and accept no discussion or criticism. Or my personal favorite they reference some mailing list that was never advertised and say “you should have said something there.”

“But I’m put ting my money on the fact that nothing will be done regar­ding this. Why? If Ubuntu copy the OS X theme, they must really like Apple, right? The sec ret announ ce ment of the new theme that came in the last day of the UI freeze and all that was also something very Apple-ish. Well then, just like Apple, they won’t lis ten to what the users want and will do things their way. The only dif fe rence is Ubuntu was sup po sed to be open. But I really hope I’m wrong!”

Like it or not the art team has done a great job in re-branding Ubuntu. However as has been pointed out numerous times in the past week, someone should have run by QA or even better the community that is expected to use this new theme.