Kid is an

Just got a private message on from intuitionorphan, subject “I hope this makes sense to you,” body “I have an earnest desire to change the world,” with a MediaFire link to a file named “Kid is an” I’m certain the file contains something bad, but I’m curious about which or what kind of bad thing it is. None of those phrases turns up any relevant results on Google.

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  1. Jay says:

    Hey and now I just got a spam email from, subject “earnest desire to change the world,” body “I am going to change our culture significantly. For the better. But I need your help,” with a link to the very same file on MediaFire. And it’s a damn album. By “intuitionorphan.”

  2. Jayson Nessi says:

    That wasn’t spam.

    Found you purposefully; sent you a meaningful email.

    I really appreciate your response.

  3. Jay says:

    Correction: It wasn’t “spam.”

  4. Jayson Nessi says:


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