A while ago, I used Foobar because I was sick of iTunes & Winamp. The small foot print was great as opposed to the other bloat ware. Unfortunately I was unaware additional components at the time for additional features. So I eventually fell back to Winamp, much to my own dislike.

After giving Songbird ago, I enjoyed the ease of use of additional themes and features but the 250mb memory it sucked up shocked me. I am sure there is logical explanation but when my laptop only has 1gb of ram it is totally unacceptable.

Then I came across FofR. It looked great, from that it lead on finding out all the other amazing components (gapless playback, silence removal, lyrics, quick search, dsp for headphones). I thought I had hit the holy grail of music players & addon.

To my dismay, I found out the incompatibilities between the new Foobar and FofR. The cancellation of development of Panels UI. It was really quite a sad story.

I will still go ahead and use it for the additional components, but when the developers could have made something great. Something that blew everything else out of the water in every category. Now I just think what of what a missed opportunity it was.