Boing Boing Sucks

I’m starting to really resent Boing Boing for taking up so much space in my aggregator. I kept it there begrudgingly, for the dwindling handful of interesting posts that I’d probably hear about elsewhere anyway. But for every interesting post, there are ten totally boring posts about DRM, ten totally boring posts about Disney, ten totally boring posts about a useless toy, and ten totally boring posts about how to turn your lawnmower into, I don’t know, a GPS lawnmower or something. Not to mention their smug self-absorption, and their inability to separate entertainment from politics. As an example of the latter, this recent post describes an anti-Bush Robin Williams movie as “look[ing] like a hell of a movie.” In fact, the movie looks shitty, but because it lambasts politics, it is heralded by Boing Boing.

And now I’m reminded of the time during the World Cup that they said this:

I don’t even know what the FIFA World Cup is. I’m guessing it’s soccer, which I hate just as much as any other pro sport. Every editor at Boing Boing detests professional sports, and we would sooner stream a video of a crumpled up paper napkin in the corner of a room than show some jackasses running after a ball. The only time we would ever post anything about pro-sports would be to make fun of them.

Are you so self-righteous that you think we care about how much you hate sports, while at the same time you worship all things Disney fer chrissake?

And why do you force your readers to use Google to search your site, yielding unorganized heaps of results? And why do you force your readers to blog about you in Technorati-registered blogs in order to “comment” on your posts?

I’ve had enough, I’ll just have to get by without that weekly interesting post about a glowing fish or something.

I should have known I’m not alone.

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  1. Chris says:

    I hear where this is coming from. I disagree that the DRM/GPS stuff is boring, but Disney sucks (I can’t understand why they can’t see that, and sometimes I fantasize that they’re just a bunch of corporate puppets), and you’re right on about the politics…

  2. wwiiggss says:

    its 2009 and boingboing still sucks.

  3. BoingKillaNigga says:

    Yeah screw u boing

  4. BoingKillaNigga says:

    Stupid cracka bitch. He dont get dis.

  5. monkeyboy77 says:

    boingboing removed my comment even though it was not offensive or obscene in any way. they removed it because it pointed out how stupid their contest was.
    fuck them. corporate whores.

  6. monkeyboy77 says:

    i checked and it wasn’t just my comment that got removed:
    here is my coment:
    monkeyboy77 | October 22, 2009 1:13 AM | Reply
    I agree with SirWompus. The Altoids flashlight is in no way worthy of any award.
    Him winning the contest shows they weren’t very good at getting people to enter their contest.

    A flashlight? Seriously? a flashlight?
    Come on now, they have to be kicking themselves for not having enough real submissions and having to give an award to a kid for making a flashlight.

    Take a look at the other winners to get an idea of why they had to give an award (7th place) for a flashlight.

    A quick search shows that making a flashlight is expected from 4th graders. (9 and 10 year olds)
    (search the page for “flashlight”)
     — —  —  —  — –
    and here is another comment after mine that they removed:

    Author Profile Page ZoopyFunk | October 22, 2009 7:48 AM | 

    This comment will self-destruct in …

    To quote the disclaimer text just above the comment box…”Please don’t cuss or harass other commenters!”

    Its now clear who that applies to, and who it doesn’t.

    To celebrate my last comment evar on BB (due to Xeni’s calous comment above, just can’t take the BBBullshit treatment of free speech anymore) I must warn you all, you just can’t speak your mind. A few of you are in dangerous waters, and should expect a harsh reprimand, at the very least! You just can’t express your feelings. Don’t you all get it? Its glowing compliments only, people!

    I and a great number of my compatriots)(and, btw, we were all long time readers, some from the zine era) had quite a brew ha ha last night to discuss something that has been bothering us for some time. The environment/atmosphere here has just become something…well…unwonderful(you all noticed that BB no longer claims to be “a directory of wonderful things’, because it insults its most loyal viewers.

    Its just far far too easy to take our clicks elsewhere.

    Seacrest out.

  7. Jay says:

    Hey monkeyboy — in an unfortunate bit of irony, your last comment was marked as spam by Akismet! AUTOMATTIC IS NEXT.

    Good to know BB still sucks in 2009, I love that this 3-year-old blog post is the go-to place for people who have some beef with them.

    Although they have every right to delete all the comments they want, I don’t think anybody can deny that it’s just plain lame.

  8. squid says:

    it’s 2009 and they still suck. BB Newbs like me don’t even know what the site was like when it was good (was it ever?). These days they are just re-blogging shit I saw on other sites 4 days ago. And that Xeni whore is just obnoxious.

  9. SueBee says:

    I stopped reading BB about a year ago due to all of the above PLUS all of the recent sexism spilling off their pages. I read BB every morning for years, then every month or two, and now, basically, not at all.

    I really miss the old BB. What, there’s nothing else wonderful under the sun anymore? I don’t believe it for a second.

  10. anonymouse says:

    Yep. Still sucks. It’s a pity because boing used to be great(a long time ago). Now it’s just:
    1. girls with ukeleles(or some other recent fetish)
    2.crap that gets posted because it fits with the politics of the author. If Glenn Beck was pro-creative commons boing would post how fantastic his ideas are.
    3. articles about how fantastic x or y product is, because they obviously get a reduction if they write a positive article.

  11. BlingBlink says:

    2010 and the Suck continues (for a little while) …..

  12. Kenenth says:

    2010 and boingboing sucks still. We need to make sure these asses go broke.

  13. Mortal says:

    Where to start with BB. I get tired of the we’re so cool don’t you want to be like us attitude. We’re anti-establishment but we’ll have Amex ads. We’ll censor comments but we’re free speech. We’ll write crap books like World’s Worst but we’ll expose ripoffs from others. Most of their articles are just links to others with some comments and you get paid for this? Who cares what can be soldered to what. I mean how many normal people have the skills for this? Shilling products. Sheesh hypocrisy mixed with narcissism.

  14. Anon says:

    BB was a great site back in the early days, lots of original content. Nowdays it seems to be more watered down with content and with more ads. Plus, admins seem to not explain why they found someone’s post offensive. Yet, they allow sexist posts and obvious troll posts.

    Fuck BB and their ad-whoring attitude to their community.

  15. Wanderer says:

    I think the main problem for BB is competition. All the hipster marketing douchbagginess aside, their site used to actually have original content. Now it’s pretty much like reading a newspaper – shit that was already on a handful of the major aggregators 2-3 days ago. 

    And Xeni … good lord …. please, just make it stop.

  16. Jab says:

    I stumbled across this after my comment on BB was deleted. Thanks, I thought it was just me. BB blows.

  17. ZoingZoing says:

    It’s 2011, and Boing Boing still sucks. It’s actually worse. It’s a bunch of wannabe geeks, whose editors can’t/won’t use anything other than Apple products, because it’s not “hipster”. I hope they keep on believing that, because I’d kill myself if Xeni Monroe and her ilk figured out that Apple is as mainstream as it gets.

  18. Nic says:

    It’s 2011 and Boingboing still sucks. If they stuck to what they know and cut some of the kitschy crap, it’d be worth reading. Whenever they try and step across their boundaries it’s a joke. They can’t take any criticism either, based on their comment removal policy.

  19. Nic says:

    Also, Cory Doctorow is a terrible writer. He needs to look up the word hyperbole.

  20. J says:

    Don’t write anything against Julian Assagne or his benefactor former soldier Bradley Manning in BB, you may risk getting banned.

  21. Antinimity says:

    Cory IS BB. As is the gratuitous use of the word “hacking!” As is the self-righteous “Moderator” with grandiose, super-duper-sophistimicated Greek sounding names, with a political agenda to grind and edit out conflicting views under the guise of “x did not contribute to the discussion [properly].”

  22. TL;DR says:

    Fictitious “blog strategy” meeting for BB:

    Mark: Hey Cory, dude, can you kind of lighten up on the Disney and DRM posts?
    Mark: I’m getting a lot email complaints about this, it’s clogging up my inbox…
    Cory: What are you trying to say?
    Cory: Do you know how many hits I produce for you and “your” website?
    Cory: Just in case you didn’t know, I am Canadian, and I live in the UK, and I am a world renowned Author, published [some number] of books, translated into 40 different languages. I am also a hacker.
    Cory: I get top fees speaking at SciFi and other conventions.
    Cory: What have you done lately Mark? And why do keep that guy that always posts stuff about nobody cares about or that chick/dude that always writes about transgender issues?
    Cory: Explain that to me Mark.
    Cory: That’s right…the silence is deafening. You cannot survive without me, my writing, my speaking engagements, my hacktivism, my DRM theses, and my love for Disney. You need me Mark.

  23. bhghjghj says:

    its 2011 and boing­bo­ing still sucks.

  24. Cawry Dr. O says:

    I overhead Cory say once that repealing DRM can save the world economy.

  25. Cawry Dr. O says:

    I recently read a Maker article on how to build a DRM-free, open source, lego-bacon-Disney themed motorcycle made out of transgender dildos where 25% of proceeds support Julian Assagne’s legal fund and the Arab spring.

  26. Cawry Dr. O says:

    I forgot to mention you can hack and remix it and compromise the security system’s DRM and weak crypto so it can play Rick Astley with a Cthultu-zombie theme

  27. Bjm Bgr says:

    Can’t stand that antinious/moderator guy

  28. DKE says:

    It is 2012, and boingboing still sucks.

    I can’t believe they censor any comments that are the least bit critical of their site or their decision to post — And they’re supposedly champions of a free and open internet? 

    i’ve been a reader for years, but f*** those hypocrites.

  29. bub says:

    BB sucks ass. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  30. Tony says:

    It’s almost 2013 and boingboing still sucks.

  31. intellectual pissing contests, wee! says:

    “And that Xeni whore is just obnoxious.”

    SQUID, if you left that comment on Boing Boing (assuming that grouch Antinous didn’t delete it after giving you a defensive smack-down), we all know it would lead to an intellectual pissing contest by a bunch of blowhards who love wet their pants at the slightest opportunity to throw out an accusation of “MYSOGINY!!” and . 

    Not that I advocate calling anyone a whore, but still.

  32. Andrew Suber says:

    I was banned as a commenter and had my comments deleted because I criticized wannabe rock star Zooey Deschanel.

    It has opened my eyes to how many comments get deleted and how many dissenting voices are banned. 

    They are entitled to have whatever editorial policies they wish. It’s moral hypocrisy, though, to pretend to fight for an open, transparent internet and to not have a public community standards so people know what subjects to avoid.

    The easiest way to get banned is just to bring up their self-censorship.

  33. BJM BGR says:

    As for alternatives to boingboing try If you know any others tell me!

  34. Somedude says:

    I gave up when Antinous got all bent out of shape when I defended the right of a building owner to remove some Bansky art left on his building without permission. I didn’t defend… oh, I don’t know… patent law or something really horrible like the right of people to chose not to give away their work for free. I just suggested that if someone painted on the side of my building, I might have the right to remove it.

    I like the content, but wading into the comments is just insane. No one wants to talk about anything unless you are in complete agreement with the party line.

  35. Tom the Overweight Jew from Miami says:

    The year is 2015. BoingBoing still sucks.

  36. DreAmeoba says:

    2016 & b.b. is even more awful, they all come across as over privileged, clueless, rich kids, who are blinded by their own “hipness” as to how far they have slid into being irrelevant & annoying…
    Their mindlessly hostile reactions toward anything that even hints at “conspiracy” is curious, ( considering what they were like in the 90’s when I actually met Xeni, & Cory for a group interview at a local restaurant..) weird how they have morphed into such self-important dingbats w/out a clue (though they seem to now have a rather dishonest secret agenda for the last few years, whatever it is)…

  37. DreAmeoba says:

    & I’m not necessarily “pro conspiracy theory”, so much as I just can’t help but wonder where that open-minded curiosity they used to sort of have, went to……( they obviously “sold out” which I could be somewhat forgiving of, but not to the grotesque extent they seem to have gone.)….

  38. Countervail says:

    2016 and Boing Boing still sucks. Their moderators are capricious and biased and it’s a site filled with the wonder of conspiracy, the minutiae of Disney, fascination with the mundane, and white guilt. No thanks.

  39. Andrew says:

    It’s July 2016 and I don’t care whether they suck or not. I care though, that this female blogger keeps getting on the radio. She’s so nasty while thinking it’s funny. And the disemvoweling of comments is just fucking mental.

  40. moingmoing says:

    It’s November 2017(the current year!), and BoingBoing still sucks.

  41. Widow says:

    2022 and still sucks.

    “Moderaturrrrr someone posted a quiz result badge comment for the ‘can-you-beat-my-score-in-merriam-websters-10-question-vocabulary-quiz’ post! This is baaaad, right?”

    “Yes. I’ll delete the comment and suspend the account. No relevant direct comments allowed if the community finds fault with a 3960 score of 4200 on the Merriam-Webster 10 Question Vocab Quiz.”


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