Year: 2004



The Perry Bible Fellowship is even funnier than Square Lake. Sorry.

Audioscrobbler is a plug-in compatible with most mp3 players (including foobar2000) and a website that, with registration, keeps track of the songs you listen to. It’s then capable of making suggestions, linking you to people with similar tastes, RSSing your played tracks, and streaming music tailored to your musical habits. My music is being RSSed at the top of this page, thanks in no small part to Tom and the fine people at this site.

I don’t know if little radio is any good, but one of its DJs is a little 14-year-old girl who has impeccable taste.

Detailed, Gray’s-Anatomy-esque sketches of the skeletal systems of various cartoon characters.

Going Neutral Milk Hotel crazy and finally getting my hands on a rare, mysterious demo tape with five brand new songs and an awesome early version of “April 8th.” Listen to all my NMH bootlegs here. Oh plus got a live Circulatory System show to appease me until their much-delayed new album comes out next year.

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The Square Lake Vault

Square Lake gravestoneWell, it finally happened. There were hints that The Daily Illini’s staff weren’t competent enough to maintain archives of Dan Acton’s brilliant comic strip Square Lake forever. First Dan’s own site,, forfeited to the whims of the German internet porn industry. And now the day has come when the images are slowly being stripped away from’s servers.

Fear not. By some stroke of divine fortune, I was inclined no more than two months ago to mirror the whole series on my own hard drive. Rest assured: as long as I am alive, Square Lake will never die. The soon-to-be-even-more-revamped Square Lake Vault is up and running. And just think: we came this close to losing them forever.

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